Thursday, May 27, 2010

Midnight Sun - Norway

Hey, here it was my next amazing journey -
Norway, Nordkapp - 71° 10'21"N - August 4, 2004

Sun at 8:47 PM
Sun at 9:40 PM
Sun at 11:05 PM
Forgot to take more photos towards midnight!

Well, seeing the midnight sun was quite a bit of luck. When we departed from our Hotel in Honningsvag, it was heavily hazy and foggy. We were doubt if the sun would smile to us. Luckily after 45 minutes of drive, sky became clear. No wonder there was a proverb saying 'as changeable as weather'. Who knows when the fog will come again? Our guide made a very clever decision. He swapped our F&B session with the sun viewing session. That allows us almost a full hour to admire the midnight sun.

A sealiner brought in about 1,000 guests sharp on time at midnight, but the sun already gone. The sun didn't sympathize anybody becasue we were on time; were coming from the other part of the world; were whole-heartedly looking forward to see him again....

It was actually quite a long journey to see the midnight sun. Arrived Helsinki from Hong Kong, we had to drive all the way north for a day and a half, stayed overnight midway at Ivalo. Honningsvag is the northern-most city in Europe with habitants.

At Nordkapp, facing the Nordic Ocean, it was quite chilly and windy, though it was mid summer. But seeing the midnight sun, we were all excited and didn't care about anything else.

In northern Europe near the North Pole in summer, the sun is always there. Even 11pm, the sun is still bright and shinning. Sunset might happen for a few minutes, and sun rise again. What an experience!!

Anna's Amazing Journey - Midnight Sun

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